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Eyelash Extension

1639 eye lash

Get eyelash extensions to help enhance. The Length, volume, and over all appearance of your lashes.

Eyelashes extensions

Time Durations: (120 minutes) – $110 & up

*Eye lash extensions will give you longer, thicker and very natural look. They will look so natural no no one will even know.
*Last 2-4 weeks with regular touch ups in between the time frame

Strip Lashes

Time durations: (10 minutes) – $12 & up

*Recommended for short term wear
*Whole lash strip applied to last line
*Quickest way to achieve an enhanced look

Flares lashes

Time duration: (45 minutes) – $35 & up

*Natural looking enhanced lashes
*Cluster lashes applied throughout lash line
*Last approximately 2 weeks